All you need to know about various recepies using Nutella as a core component.

Profligate Nutella Truffles

Nutella recipes are very delicious and can be made in home and it will not take too much time. Its taste is very delicious and remains in your mouth for many hours. You can make these nutella truffles and in this way one can impress the friends as well as family too. Nutella truffles are very easy to make and there is no need of cooking as well as baking for this dessert. There are many varieties of Nutella truffle available .The taste of fruit and nut nutella truffle can be made with raisins and pistas and its taste is similar to the Cadbury’s fruit and nut bar.

Coconut Nutella recipes will have coconut and it also contain hazelnut flavor of nutella. Crushed gingerbread snaps will come under the unusual flavor of the third category of nutella truffle. Ingredients which are required for making nutella truffle are 350g of dark chocolate, 400g nutella, 1/4 cup of chopped as well as unsalted pista nuts and even ¼ cup of raisins, 1/3 cup of crumbs of gingerbread, 1 cup of whipped cream. One should chop all the baker’s chocolate. Then take some dark chocolate which is further to be used and rest of the chocolate is to be put into a large bowl. After that whipped cream is to be heated on low flame in a pan until bubbles start appearing on it. One must remember to stir the cream on the flame so that it should not be burnt. Then you must pour this cream on the chocolate present in the mixing bowl and stir it properly so that the mixture is obtained. Add the nutella and continue to mix it for 4-5 minutes. Texture will change to in the form of whipped consistency. After this you must refrigerate the mixture for an hour. Till the mixture gets refrigerated you must prepare the remaining ingredients. For fruit and nut truffle you must lay out raisins as well as pista nuts. Where as for ginger spread truffles one must pulverize the gingerbread snap in a food processor. On the other hand for coconut truffle one must measure out the desiccated coconut. Once the chocolate mixture gets cooled you must divide this mixture into three parts. In order to make fruit and nut truffle one must add all the raisins and half of the chopped nuts into one bowl and then mix it well. For coconut truffle one must add two-thirds of the coconut in another bowl and mix it thoroughly.

For gingerbread truffle, you just add two-thirds of crumbs in another bowl and mix them well. All the three bowls must be refrigerated for an hour. After an hour melt the chocolate which you have kept for later use. One should not melt the chocolate directly on the heat. Allow the melted chocolate to cool for two minutes. For fruit and nut truffle one must take a coin   size amount of chocolate mixture and then roll it like a ball and then dip this ball into the melted chocolate and sprinkle some chopped nuts on its top surface and place these truffles on a baking tray. You can get online to know more about Nutella recipes.